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If you've encountered Repuked in the past you ought to know what to expect and it's not exactly Radiohead. If you have not, then the album sleeve design and song titles like Sewer Rain and Excursion Through Perversity might provide a generous clue. This is the third album from Repuked after something of a hiatus.

Kicking off with the creepy basement torture horror movie introduction of Livers Bleed which inevitably gives way to a frenetic, fuzzed, anarchic splatter of old school down-tuned death metal.

Thus it continues, with a triumphal repertoire of joyous obscenities that celebrate every aspect of the gore metal heritage with dense, fuzzy guitars, pounding punk-originated riffs, mad-paced drumming with a pervasive low-budget horror video-nasty atmosphere.

There is surprising variety within the obscene din with slower, sludgy efforts like the crawling disembowelment of Retribution From Behind or breakneck manic, buzzsaw benders like the hardcore punk death of Shitfister, Global Burning and Vodka 'Til the Grave. There are attention grabbing tempo changes and some anarchic, banging riffs but the ungodly vocals, too, cram in everything from pan-fried, strangled screeches, fuzzed out hardcore, and guttural belches.

It goes without saying this is unoriginal stuff and it would be quite an understatement to cite Autopsy, Dismember or Pungent Stench as mere influences because Dawn of Reintoxication is more like a drunken, celebratory, infected hallelujah to those gore-drenched death metal progenitors. That, however, seems to matter little as this music is played with such glee and abandon with all the tricks in the debauched book employed with energy and bloody conviction. Unapologetically and triumphantly staggering and shambling out of the death-gore genre, this is less ironic than sheer moronic - but brilliantly so. The music is pure genre-worship with zero novelty but overspills with genuine gusto and is undeniably good fun.

Society needs music like this. Just as Ariana Grande releases an album with songs that purr raunchily to chronicle the prowess her sex life, you have Repuked shitting out the unashamedly puerile Repulsive Erected and Anally Infected to put a vomit and blood encrusted boot into the groin of civility. Skål!

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