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Updated: Apr 10, 2021

Hate & Deceit hail from Denmark and their self-funded demo album is full of straight-down-the-line, enthusiastic melodeath that melds elements of Maiden-esque melodies, classic thrash and death metal. Despite the obvious rugged live and organic vibe of being a demo, Hate & Deceit go for a tight, clinical delivery and sharpness with obvious references points being perhaps the likes of early In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, Children of Bodom but with some traces of maybe Metallica.

Forsaken throws a lot manoeuvres from crunchy thrash riffs, uplifting melodeath hook-lines, and some emotionally-charged quasi-ballads. There is a palpable love of the art at play throughout but Hate & Deceit are not quite the finished article. The vocals, which attempt a very ambitious range, need developing and are vulnerable on the notoriously challenging high-octave soaring clean choruses. Far more convincing, however, is the raw, harsh vocal delivery on the more death metal charged tracks. The band clearly have no shortage of ideas when it comes to crunching metal riffs and scything, adrenalized twin leads which they pull off with genuine enthusiasm and gusto. Moreover there is a strong percussion performance, particularly during the galloping high-velocity tracks. Indeed, it is those moments when the band press down the accelerator that they can really pack a punch although the pace is varied with some introspectiveness and the acoustic album closer has some real potential too.

There is an undeniable passion and energy in Hate & Deceit's performance and playing live gigs, when it is allowed, will surely only sharpen their blade.

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