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This band hold the patent for disgustipating splatterhouse death metal. Scene originators with a penchant for everything morbid Autopsy are as subtle as an explosion in an industrial effluent plant. Ashes, Organs, Blood and Crypts barely contains itself its carefree rampage as the old chaps play with abandon swinging from muddy thrash, sludgy doom, barnstorming death metal, and creepy video nasty lead melodies.


Their style has always been loose and murky and so it is here with delivery that verges on out of control. The rubbery, bulbous bass vibrates down to the cellar floor and the down-tuned muffled riffs and clattering percussion all kind of congeal into their famous signature viscous sound that appears deceivingly, slap shod.


The punk DNA of death metal has always been at its most conspicuous with Autopsy and the clearest examples here might include the delicately titled Toxic Death Fuk with its careering three chord puke out. But similar D beat breakouts are frequent throughout the record as the band slalom and wend through time changes. It hardly needs said that few other acts can pull off Autopsy’s hellhouse gore metal quite the same though a lot have tried and the rampant opening double shot of Rabid Funeral and Throat Saw burst out of the gates with possesses intent show the band at their most authentic old self. The band swing gleefully though time changes with their idiosyncratic low budget horror movie twin leads and crawl, Slayer-esque divebomb squeals, gelatinous horror sludge (Marrow Fiend), rumbling doom and unbridled thrash outs.


Autopsy seem to have a late career surge with this being their second release in a year. Ashes, Organs, Blood and Crypts is one of their best latter day efforts and the band seem to play with care-free aplomb. The band sound like they are enjoying themselves and are at ease. It’s oafishly good fun, unashamedly daft headbanging mana with extra grisle and just as noisy as it was 30 years ago.

Ashes, Organs, Blood and Crypts is available via Peaceville and here is the bandcamp link:

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